1959 – 1963      Very Reverend Michael Fyk

1959 – 1963      Very Reverend Oleksander Chomiak

1963 – 1972      Very Reverend Hryhory Wasyliw

1972 – 1977      Very Reverend Dr. Ivan Stus

1983 – 1989      Very Reverend Dr. Ivan Stus

1977 – 1983      Very Reverend Stephan Semotiuk

1989 – 1990      Reverend Hieromonk Illya Furgal

1990 – 1993      Reverend Father Myroslav Parfeniuk

1993 – 1995      Very Reverend Peter Hnatiw

1995 – 1999      Reverend Father Volodymyr Kouchnir

1999 – 2000      Reverend Hieromonk Ioann Konstant

2000 – 2009      Right Rev. Mitred Archpriest Mykola Sawchenko

2009 – 2018      Rt. Rev. Mitred Protopresbyter Nicholas Orest Rauliuk

2018 – Present  Rt. Rev. Mitred Protopresbyter Victor Lakusta

  • In the early fifties, many Ukrainian families lived in the Calder area. As there was no Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the vicinity, seven families met in the home of Hryhorij and mary Sorochan on April 19, 1959 to discuss the possibility of organizing a parish in the area. Walter Tacey, Wasyl Bereska, Harry Sorochan, Steve Chornlesky, Dmytro Mycak, William Ketskalo and Steve Sokol attend this meeting.
  • A new parish was then formed taking the name St. Michael the Archangel. Very Reverend Michael Fyk was the first priest.
  • The Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Very Rev. Michael Fyk on May 29, 1959 in Calder School.
  • That evening eleven families gathered to elect an executive for the newly formed St. Michael the Archangel parish. The president was Hryhorij Sorochan, Secretary was Dmytro Mycak and Treasurer was Wolodymyr Tacey. The eleven founding members at the meeting were: Wasyl and Zenovia Bereska, Stephan and Mary Chornolesky, John and Mary Guglich, Wasyl and Ann Ketskalo, Dmytro and Pauline Mycak, Stephan Sokol, Oleksander and Anna Olhousky Peter and Mary Popowich, Victor and Mary Popowich, Hryhorij and Mary Sorochan and Wolodymyr and Stella Tacey.
  • At an annual meeting held on January 15, 1961 a resolution was made to purchase an old United Church. On April 15, 1961, St. Michael’s purchased Chalmers United Church (1920-1960) situated on the corner of 129 avenue and 121 Street. The official blessing and opening of this church took place on November 26, 1961. Services were held in this church for six years.
  • St. Michael’s Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada (UWAC) was organized with 10 members. First executive: Parish Priest, Rev. Michael Fyk; President, Anna Keckalo; Vice President, Maria Zacherniuk; Recording Secretary, Mary Popowich (Peter); Treasurer, Sophie Pawliuk; Controllers, Marie Komarnsky, Kay Wallach, mary Sorochan, Anna Olhousky; Hospodyni, Pauline Mycak, Pearl Steciuk and Mary Sorochan. These women worked to support the church by providing catering, fundraising and nurturing the youth.
  • A Time Capsule was initiated to preserve historical information. It is located in a corner stone of the church.
  • St. Michael’s CYMK named TRYZUB was organized in December 1964 with 22 members. The Branch participated in the Dominion Queen contest in 1964, drama contests and CYMK Choir. They fundraised, wrote pysanky, made kolachi, babky, pasky as well as learned to embroider (cross stitch).
  • A new church was built. John Belzeck was the architect and managed the project. The church was blessed in November 1967 by Archbishop Andrew.
  • St. Michael’s Men’s Society was organized. Its main function was to raise funds to support the parish. They applied for a bingo license and participated in many bingos held at Kensington Bingo Hall. They coordinated workers for the bingo hall and received a portion of the revenue.
  • St. Michael’s CYMKivtsi presented a drama Because of a Smoking Pipe under the direction of Anna Zwozdesky and Julia Blaziuk. They performed this play at a Provincial Drama Festival in Edmonton and won second prize. William Zwozdesky won first prize as best actor.
  • The Iconostas was installed in 1976. Professor Sviatoslaw (George) Hordynsky of New York completed painting the Icons for the Iconostas. in March 1977 and the Iconostas was blessed by Bishop Boris.
  • St. Michael’s built a manse on the end of the block of 121 street, north of the church. Several years later, this house was traded for a newer one, closer to the church and located on the north side of the church.
  • Ann Zwozdesky chaired a committee to solicit funds for chimes.
  • Five chandeliers were purchased in 1984. They were imported from Athens, Greece.
  • St. Michael’s has recognized and honored then parish clergy. Archbishop Andrew bestowed the Mitre to Very Rev. Hryhory Wasyliw in 1985.
  • Ladies Millenium Project. The St. Michael’s UWAC women embroidered matching altar cloths for all the tables in the church. They were Dora Woroniuk, Nadia Zmurko, Francis Tarnowetz, Olenka Zacherniuk, Anna Zwozdesky, Olga Stelmaschuk and Wasylena Klapey.
  • In commemoration of the Millenium of Christianity in Ukraine, artist Ivan Ostafiychuk was commissioned to paint two large icons to be mounted on either side of the Iconostas. One icon depicts the celebration of the coming of Christianity to Ukraine. The other features St. Michael the Archangel surrounded by Kievan Pecherska Lavra Monastery, Pochaiv Monastery and St. Michael’s Church. Reverend Father Dr. Ivan Stus blessed the icons.
  • Very Rev. Dr. Ivan Stus was recognized for 30 years of service and was awarded the Mitre.
  • A parish Cultural Centre was built abutting the north side of the church. Paul Garrick was the architect to design the building. This project was completed in 1991 and was blessed by His Eminence Archbishop John on September 28, 1991.  A wheelchair lift was installed to make the church more accessible.
  • A Cultural Centre mortgage burning was held on October 29, 1993.
  • The parish celebrated their 40th Anniversary. A historical book was published outlining the accomplishments of the parish and the involvement of the people.
  • An addition was added on the west side of the hall thereby expanding the work area for the kitchen and creating a comfortable recreation room.
  • The parish has a large paved parking lot on the north side of the building as well as a paved parking lot on the west side of the church.
  • Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada, Kniahynia Ol’ha Branch celebrated their 40th anniversary.
  • A large outdoor message sign board was purchased and parish activities are advertised on it.
  • St. Michael’s Patron Saint Day was held November 21, 2004. This was a triple celebration: parish 45th anniversary, Archbishop John awarded the Mitre to Very Rev. Fr. Mykola Sawchenko and Deacon Mykhaylo Pozdyk was ordained into the Holy Priesthood by the hands of His Eminence John, Archbishop of Edmonton and the Western Diocese. Fr. Mykhaylo returned to Winnipeg to complete his studies and served in the St. Andrew’s College Chapel.
  • A Ukrainian Dance School was started for all children 3 years and up. Diana Ungarian was the dance instructor.
  • The parish manse was sold.
  • A very tall white metal cross, which was the original cross on the new formed St. Stephen’s Cemetery was donated to St. Michael’s Parish. This cross was mounted on the west exterior wall of the church thereby making it very visible by traffic on 129 Avenue.
  • The UWAC held their first Women’s Wellness Day on October 1st. This all-day function featured speakers on topics: Yes, I Really Was a Cowgirl; Be Informed, Develop a Plan; Spiritual Enlightenment; It’s Natural, It Must be Good! and Power of Kindness. About 110 community women attended.
  • The Women’s Association celebrated their 45th Anniversary on March 19. A plaque was made in memory of all deceased Kniahynia Ol’ha UWAC members from 1961. The plaque was blessed on March 18 2006.
  • A canopy was added to the church front entrance thereby enhancing the appearance of the church and protecting the oak front doors from weather elements. A brick patio was also added on the west side of the church.
  • The UWAC held the second all day Women’s Wellness Day seminar September 22 featuring 4 motivational speakers on topics of wellness, monitoring your breasts, aging and a light hearted presentation “The person Who Laughs . . . Lasts! About 110 women attended. 
  • St. Michael’s Mission held a Calder Market on the west parking lot of the church on 4 Thursdays, August 23 and 30 and September 6 and 13. Community could set up a table in the parking lot and sell fresh produce, crafts or garage sale items. Men’s Society provided fresh hamburgers and pop to the public. The UWAC sold their products from the kitchen door.
  • The parish celebrated its’ 50th Anniversary. The theme was “Reconnecting with Our Roots”. In celebration of this event members donated toward the purchase of a Seven Votive Candelabra for the altar. Donors’ names were engraved on a plaque. A Spiritual Seminar was held on March 27 and 28 with Rev. Peter Haugen as guest speaker.
  • On June 6 a Food Fair was held.
  • The Patron Saint Day was held on Saturday, November 21. His Eminence Metropolitan John and His Grace Bishop Ilarion attended. The day consisted of a dinner and program honoring two founding members and a slide show of parish history. The Kniahynia Olha Branch of the Ukrainian Women’s Association has 70 members.
  • The Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada, Knyhynia Ol’ha Branch celebrated their 50th Anniversary on June 12. In celebration of the 50th Anniversary, Dave Wasylyshen from Winnipeg was commissioned to create a special mosaic for this branch. Forty-five women donated 18 dozen (216) Easter eggs towards making this masterpiece. The Mosaic was made from the Easter egg shells and is full of Christian symbolism. The mosaic, about 3 feet square, is mounted on the south wall of the Cultural Centre.
  • Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak across Canada. Strict rules and regulations were set out by Alberta Health regarding immunization and sanitizing thereby providing guidelines for physical distancing, face masks, signage, monitoring entrances/exits, seating, disinfecting to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • In March Covid-19 Pandemic was a serious problem. A directive was received from Metropolitan Yurij, Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, seated in Winnipeg, to close all churches foregoing all worship services until the Pandemic had subsided.
  • In June His Eminence gave his blessing to re-open all church for services. The Church Board then created a re-opening plan and an implement plan. All Covid-19 recommendations and guidelines issued by Alberta Health Services were followed.
  • The St. Michael’s Men’s Society was officially dissolved September 21.