Food Sales

Welcome to St. Michael’s Ukrainian Kitchen Store where you can order authentic Ukrainian traditional foods, all made in-house. During our major upcoming Easter & Christmas sales events, we also offer baking, desserts and traditional breads.

Holubtsi / Handmade Cabbage Rolls

Our Cabbage Rolls are handmade in-house. Options are Sweet or Sauer Leaf – no meat in fillings in either.

$14/container – Approx 30 (frozen)

Product is frozen to ensure quality.

Pyrohy / Perogy

Our handmade Pyrohy are available with a choice of two fillings

$24/bag: Contains 48 (frozen)

Cheddar Cheese & Potato or Cottage Cheese & Potato.

Product is frozen to ensure quality.

Our delicious Nalysnyky are crepes filled with a cottage cheese mixture. These have become a favorite for many of our customers and are easy to bake and serve in whipping cream.

$15 – Pack contains 24 (frozen)

Please note our Store sales will be unavailable one month prior to our major Easter Sale on March 23 to allow us to make sufficient inventory for the event.

To order or for more information, please call our church office (780) 454-8385. If we are not available, please leave a message and we will contact you to arrange a time for pickup.